Learn to Dance: Tango Argentino

Experience the mystery and magic of authentic Tango Argentino, the ultimate dance of man and woman.
Our Tango classes teach you new Tango moves over a three week period which enables you to drop in and out of the classes to suit your lifestyle. Every three weeks you will learn a small section of Tango that can be built up and mixed together to create a stunning Tango Argentino routine. The moves are presented with a basic version of the move and also the choice of more advanced options for those that have experience or want to challenge themselves. Beginners will just want to use the basic version initially until they are more confident. You can come for three weeks or 20 years, the choice is yours!

Suitable for anyone of any age or fitness level. Our relaxed and informal approach to tuition ensures that even people with two left feet can manage to learn to dance. There are no acrobatic or highly energetic moves just purely social-style dancing. It is recommended that you have completed the beginners Ballroom & Latin course, or have some dance experience before joining our Tango course.