Learn to Dance: Swing Dancing (Rock 'n' Roll Jive & Lindy Hop)

Contrary to the misconceptions surrounding swing dancing (Lindy Hop & Jive) these dances are not as energetic and acrobatic at a beginner level as you may think. They are suitable for all ages and fitness levels as the energy that is put into the dance depends on how much you want to put into it! We offer workshops for those that want to get into the aerial work, lifts and jumps. We don't teach these in the regular classes.

Swing Dancing is known by many different names including Rock 'n' Roll Jive, Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Ballroom Jive, Jitterbug or Boogie Woogie. We have a reputation of great, easy to follow, teaching and guarantee that you will be able to learn to dance with us regardless of how many left feet you may possess!

Beginner Swing Dancing (Rock 'n' Roll Jive & Lindy Hop)

Our beginner Swing dance course teaches you how to dance to fast music (50s style Rock 'n' Roll) and to slower swing music (Lindy Hop). Both styles can be swapped around so you get to choose how you dance to the music. The beginner courses are progressive with plenty of repetition to allow you time to understand the fundamentals before moving on. The beginner courses run for 24 weeks from the start date and then restart again straight after so you can do as many courses as you like until you feel confident. You are not restricted to coming on just one night as all the courses are the same so you could do week 1 on a Monday, week 2 on a Wednesday, etc.

Stage 1 - Weeks 1 - 8: Foundation work (basic movement and rhythm)

Stage 2 - Weeks 9 - 16: Rotation & Seperation (An understanding of the basic movements allows new figures to be added)

Stage 3 - Weeks 17 - 24: Style & Highlights (Improving on the look and feel of the dance while exploring new, fun moves to add to existing work)

Improvers Swing Dancing (Stage 4)

This session focuses on teaching moves and technique to add into your existing swing dance styles. They can be adapted for any style of Jive so as long as you know the basics you can join in when you are ready! This is an ongoing session that can be joined at any time.