Richard Colley

Born as an exceptional non-dancer, he was reminded of this throughout his early years. At the tender age of 18 he was selected to be the person least likely to be danced with at a party due to the aforementioned lack of ability.

At the age of 20, and with the intention of impressing a female, he finally took a dance class while working in Preston. Still struggling, and almost quitting due to being unable to come to terms with the basic steps of the Cha Cha Cha he persevered. Lending credence to the old adage that if you canít do something then teach it!

Between then and now he has achieved the following with his dancing:

  • Three times British Champion as part of the Atack Dancers Latin American Formation team
  • Taught tens of thousands of people worldwide ranging from students, housewives, company directors and celebrities through private, group and corporate dance sessions.
  • First person in Chester to be fully qualified to teach Tango Argentino and one of the first in the North West
  • Released a worldwide-selling range of dance DVDs and Books
  • Trained the British Champion ice dancers for the Winter Olympics
  • Was involved in a TV project teaching couples to dance for their wedding
  • Won a Cha Cha Cha competition in Cuba

†Richard subscribed to the theory that good dancers are born from perseverance and patience. During the day he has a Design & Print company and does a little bit of writing. Richard has also worked professionally as a magician.

Favourite Dance Styles: Tango, Swing Dancing