Born as an exceptional non-dancer, he was reminded of this throughout his early years. At the tender age of 18 he was selected to be the person least likely to be danced with at a party due to the aforementioned lack of ability.

At the age of 20, and with the intention of impressing a female, he finally took a dance class while working in Preston. Still struggling, and almost quitting due to being unable to come to terms with the basic steps of the Cha Cha Cha he persevered. Lending credence to the old adage that if you canít do something then teach it!

Rachel started dancing in 2004 and had 5 years dance experience in Streetdance, Modern & Jazz before trying a little bit of Tango & Jive in 2009. After joining Aspirations, Rachel was asked to become part of the team in 2012 where she can be found partnering Richard and working on the front desk.

Rachel has spent the last two years competing in ballroom and latin for Oxford Universityís Dancesport Team.

Mel has many years experience of dance, including 8 years dancing Freestyle Disco to a high standard. Mel has also appeared in a number of musical productions and pantomimes.

Having danced a bit of Jive in University, Mel got the partner dancing bug and joined Aspirations in 2008. Mel started working for Aspirations in the Autumn of 2008 and can be seen partnering Richard and working on the front desk.

Hailey danced ballet and tap initially as a young girl and enjoyed tap and contemporary dance in her spare time while at university.
Hailey started partner dancing with Aspirations in 2009 and eventually moved to the Team in 2011. Hailey can be found partnering Richard and working on the front desk on a Friday.